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What Is Robotics?

Robot is an electro-mechanical device that can perform autonomous or preprogrammed tasks. Robotics deals with the design, construction, operation, and use of robots, as well as computer systems for their control, sensory feedback and information processing. Today, robotics is a rapidly growing field, as technological advances continue; researching, designing and building new robots serve various practical purposes.

Robotics is also used in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) as a teaching aid. The benefits of robots have increased their flexibility with being capable of performing a variety of tasks and applications. They are more precise and consistent than human workers. Robots also allow for increased production and profit margin because they can complete tasks faster.

We are designing the Robot mainly for three purposes that are commonly called as 3D’s i.e. Dull, Dirty, Dangerous. Students are asked to create their own robot they begin to learn through doing. So that students get the power of thinking, observation, analyzing and creative skill for the future world.

Levels Of Robotics

Robotics course can be taught from the basics to advanced levels. Totally there are 6 levels. We are now conducting first 3 levels. Developing further levels up to 6 .

Level I -III:

In this levels, students are introduced to robots, including ones that exist in their everyday lives. Most people think of robots in human like terms that communicating and doing things like people would. But this specific subset of robots is actually not very common. A robot can be defined as a mechanical device that is capable of performing a variety of tasks on command or according to instructions programmed in advance.

In level 1 we are using some components for designing the robots while we are using frames, supports, 3 pin cable, LED, buzzer, a contact sensor, IR sensor, DC motor and so on.

When completing this level the students get clear ideas about what is robot, functionality, and use of the robot in this world.

The course can be taught from the basics to advanced levels. Robotics includes mechanical, electrical, electronics, S.T.E.A.M and programming which encourages students to connect these disciplines.

In level 2 we are controlled the robot wirelessly through remote. Here we are using some specialized components are a sound sensor, D.T.M.F, servo motor, and so on.

In level 3 when completing this level the students would become know what are the disciplines of robot and to develop their own robot very interesting manner.

Level IV-VI:

R& D is going on.


  • Fathima Public School, Kerala
  • Angels School, Kerala
  • Mar Ivanious Bethany Vidyalaya, Trivandrum
  • Munchirai Punitha Arockiamatha Matric. Higher Secondary School, Puthukkadai.
  • Paul’s School, Trivandrum
  • Philomenas Girls High School, Trivandrum.
  • Mary’s Matric. Higher Secondary School, Kaliyakkavilai.
  • Sri Vigneswara Matric School, Munchirai.
  • Joseph Convent Higher Secondary School, Nagercoil.
  • Joseph Convent Primary School, Nagercoil.
  • Rossello’s Matric. School, Vembanoor.
  • Maria Rafols Matric. Higher Secondary School, Mandaikadu.
  • Shree Vidyadhiraja Vidya Vikas Matric. School, Kuzhithurai.
  • Gnana Vidya Mandir, Thengamputhur.
  • Green Valley International Model School, Villukury.
  • M.S. Kamaraj Polytechnic College, Nagercoil.
  • Jude’s Polytechnic College, Tholayavattam.
  • Scott Christian College, Nagercoil.
  • CSI Institute Of Technology, Thovalai.
  • DMI Engineering College, Aralvaimozhi.
  • Satyam College Of Engineering & Technology, Aralvaimozhi.
  • Kalaivanar N.S.K. College Of Engineering, Theroor.
  • Maria Polytechnic College, Thiruvattar.
  • Maria College Of Engineering & Technology, Thiruvattar.
  • Rajas College Of Engineering, Vadakkangukam.
  • Annai Vailankanni College Of Engineering, Azhagappapuram.
  • Annai Vailankanni College, Karunkal.
  • Holy Cross College, Nagercoil.

    We are using ROBOWIZ Software for programming. Designing the Robot makes the student more interesting but they have the fear of programming the Robot. But the ROBOWIZ software makes it's easy because it is User friendly Software. All the functionality of programs are grouped and loaded into different icons. We just need to drag the icon and place it in the proper place in an order. So it is very easy for the students to do the program. After completing the program it should be downloaded and just run the Robot. So that small child can also do this program in an interesting way.

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